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90% success rate. Calculated on a pro-rata basis. Over a period of 12 months we have sale agreed 90% of the properties we listed for sale during one of the worst economic downturns in our history. We can only do this by working with our clients to:

  1. Value and market your property correctly

  2. Adjust the asking price where necessary and react to the market quickly

  3. Provide advice on how best to present your property for viewings




Our team are trained to be the most polite and professional agents you will meet – we do this through our ‘Constant and Never-Ending Improvement’ and ongoing sales training techniques – read our points of culture to find out just why are staff are tops.




We have been successfully selling properties as Vincent Finnegan Limited since 1982 and before that as McDermott Finnegan since 1972, before that Vincent Finnegan senior was selling properties in Dublin since the 1950s – Its in our blood, believe me.


 Local knowledge?


Everyone on our team has been operating in Dublin all of their professional lives – we live and breath property and enjoy the process too.



  We love nothing more than learning and improving. All our systems constantly and consistently change for the benefit our customers and our company – Please tell us if there is any area you would like to see a change, we’ll even donate €10 per client to the DSPCA on your behalf. Take our survey or send us a brief e-mail.



Do we believe bigger is better? Well no not necessarily, however in our locality we have 15 competitors and we always have approximately double the amount of property listed than our nearest competitor. We can only do this because of YOU!, our customers, thank you!!!


 Personal touch?


Okay, its hard to give examples for personal touch as each and every client relationship we have is unique and depends on how the relationship develops – so here it goes: We endeavour first to listen, learn and only then offer advice. Throughout the process, we believe that a personal and professional relationship will build through open communication. 

Our belief is that auctioneering and estate agency is built on relationships:

  • Relationships we have with our clients as vendors or landlords
  • Relationships we have with our purchasers
  • Relationships we have with the general public and our community
  • Relationships we have with our fellow colleagues in the property business
  • Relationships we have with other professional businesses in Dublin

Thank you for taking the time to read our "Why choose us" section. We hope it has been helpful and look forward to possibly meeting you in the not too distant future.


Vincent B. Finnegan

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Choose Vincent Finnegan To Sell Your Property
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