Getting your home ready to sell. What to do?

From our experience, when preparing your property to be sold it is important to look at your home through the eye of a prospective purchaser. With this in mind you can set about achieving your goal.  Improvements to your home may be required but not necessarily expensive. Improvements should be made on the basis that the property looks and shows well, and does not involve major capital investments, the cost of which sometimes may not be recovered from the sale itself. 

What has been noticeable in our experience is that cosmetic improvements i.e. painting and landscaping can really go a long way to improving your prospects for a successful sale. Also, another aspect would be mechanical repairs. Ensure that all systems and appliances are in good working condition in order to achieve your objective of obtaining the highest price.

Here are some tips you may find useful:


  1. Trim hedges, weed lawns and flowerbeds and prune back any intrusive bushes - An inviting garden is the very first view every person will see (first impressions)
  2. Clear gutters - don't have weeds growing out of the gutters
  3. Mow the lawn - It's great having a freshly cut grass aroma 
  4. Replace any damaged roof tiles - It looks bad if the roof is visually broken (a cheap repair that won't put off potential buyers)
  5. If the driveway is tarmac blacken the surface - If the driveway is gravel, ensure all weeds are gone - Remove any moss from driveway
  6. Keep garage door dosed - gain access from alternative entrance
  7. If in poor condition, paint the front door, facia and soffit boards, sills and window frames - again first impressions
  8. Remember, this is a sales process - continue  the upkeep throughout the sale


The main objective is to remove clutter:

  1. Give each room a thorough cleaning, moving such items as children's toys and tables which will give the appearance of extra space
  2. Replace cracked window panes - create an inviting environment, not a to-do list for people thinking of purchasing
  3. Repair dripping taps and shower heads - again, create an inviting environment, not a to-do list for people thinking of purchasing 
  4. Keep counter tops clear - no clutter, no matter how cute you think it might be, it's not - it's clutter
  5. Replace all burned-out light bulbs - several reasons for this - could mean electrical problems and will improve lighting darker areas
  6. Allow light to enter the house by opening blinds and curtains
  7. Remove all laundry from sight 
  8. Remember, this is a sales process - continue the upkeep throughout the sale

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Getting your home ready to sell. What to do?
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